How To Advertise Hunting ShotGuns At Facebook?


Jul 30, 2012
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There are rules like "Nobody can advertise guns, drugs, knifes and other things like that". And Facebook decline ads immediately.

But, I see some ads showing in my newsfeed. Some of them are posting boosted videos and give their phone number. Is there any tricks posting ads about "shotguns for hunting" (not other types of guns) or boosting post about hunting shotguns?
Of the thousands of products you can promote/sell on FB, you're wanting to sell the one item that's quite questionable and not allowed. With the said, there are many other sites that you could list such items on with some that are dedicated to the listing & sales of firearms.
I would set up a small landing page and or website that has some related content on it and then drive traffic to the page with FB ads. This would also let you test what offers you are promoting.
What kind of landing page do you want to advertise? If it links straight to an ecommerce store you might have problem. I would setup a blog about hunting in general and then write a blog post about shotguns where you promote your ecommerce store. Advertise this blog post as a page post engagement ad. I cant guarantee that this will work but it is more likely it will get approved.
No it's not against their TOS or illegal as long as your gun isn't illegal and you need to know (in US) state requirements. Minimum age requirement too. They frown on you posting in a gun group but it's still not illegal. Most gun sales I see in hunting groups end up off FB
I see some people post videos and promote as video views with a phone number. But when i tried this, targetted for an age group between 23-50 says "dont allowing to promote directly selling guns, knifes etc." video is simple a man is just shooting to a target. no commentary.

I remember that is you direct to an ecommerge site it doesnt allow too. Blog idea may be ok but didnt tried.
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