How To Add Your Blog’s RSS Feed To A Squidoo Lens?

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    There is a great site that explains all about RSS - Just reading a little bit about RSS will help conquer the fear of the unknown and help you realize what a powerful traffic generation tool you have.

    According to :

    "RSS is becoming increasing popular. The reason is fairly simple. RSS is a free and easy way to promote a site and its content without the need to advertise or create complicated content sharing partnerships."

    Honestly, folks...that is all you need to concern yourself with unless you really, really want to know how RSS works. In a nutshell, RSS is like another web address to your blog that provides readers with another way to read your blog. When this RSS address is put into an RSS feed reader, your blog posts are shown (either just the title, partial, or full content). These RSS feed readers automatically update each time you post.

    Same thing happens when you add your blog RSS feed to your Squidoo lens - your latest posts are shown, and each time you update your blog, these spaces on your Squidoo lenses automatically update with your new post.

    Click to Add a RSS module, then click save.

    Now, when you are back in the edit/workshop mode for your lens, look for your new RSS module. Open the module to edit, and fill in the needed information.

    Now click "save" and you're done!
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