How To Add Audio To Your Twitter Account

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    Chair moistener.
    who knows, you may get better results if people can hear you...
    or it may be worse... :D

    When Twitter?s 140-character limit just isn?t enough to get your message across, or you want to give a tweet the personal touch, why not add some audio?

    We?ve already brought you ways to share music on Twitter, but the solutions below will help you share the spoken word. Whether you want to sing happy birthday to someone, rant, or make a heartfelt apology, we?ve found five services that can help you out.

    All the services we?ve tested have three things in common ? they are all completely free, they don?t require a phone (i.e. they are web-based solutions), and they are all easy to use.

    There are differences between them, so it?s worth having a read through our experiences so you can see which would best suit your own needs.