How to accurately find out visitors and ad income of a site

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    Feb 17, 2015
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    I use similarweb to get an idea of number of visitors of a website; I also use alexa but as a free user it wont give an estimate of the number of visitors (just overall ranking).

    However, now I am looking for a good website that gives a reliable estimate of number of visitors AND (potential) income of site via ads. I found the followings interesting:

    (since I am new member I cannot post url, you can search them; hope it is clear I am not promoting anything here!)

    1) Any other website I am not aware of?
    2) How reliable do you think they are?
    3) Anyone with (moderate~high traffic) website, who could kindly check his/her website and let us know if the offered estimate was accurate by these site(s)?

    p.s I tend to use all and get general idea but their variability of visitor/income is not small!
    Thank you