How to access the real wholesaler if I am outside the US?

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    Feb 14, 2015
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    Hello everyone, I am outside the US and I want to know exactly what the real wholesaler needs to do business with me, is my understanding they ask for the Tax ID which I cannot get since I am not american citizen , investigating a little Ive found that the ITIN is similar to the Tax ID which is provided only to those who are not elegible for a SSN like me but I am not sure if the real wholesaler will accept it.
    I was talking with an IRS acceptance agency that help processing taxes in my country for american citizens that live here and they say that the ITIN is not the best option for me, that the best option is to create a corporation in the US because doing that I will have the EIN number..
    Can you tell me based on your experience what exactly the real wholesalers requirements are?
    Thank you in advance.