How to accept payment on e-bay when using a purchased account?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by miamiking75, May 19, 2009.

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    I have an e-bay account I purchased from someone (powerseller) that's from like 8-9 years ago, when I went to list an auction for the first time it asks me to select a method of payment, by default gaypal is selected but I can't use gaypal because this account is under someone elses name. Obviously I am not going to change the name on the account because that would raise so many red flags. I can't user gaypal anyways because I am permenently limited. My other options are Moneybookers, Paymate, and Propay. The guy I purchased the account from in being really cool and letting me use his information to sign up for whatever accounts I need to. So I signed up for a Moneybookers account in his name, he even gave me his social (his credit is fucked so he doesn't care lol) but Moneybokers also requires a bank account which is where we run in to a problem. How do people get around this? All I want to do is be able to sell items on this account regularly, it's just not under my name.
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    For 1 ebay account, you can use 2 different gaypal account.

    I mean, if first gaypal account was access limit, you can unlink the first gaypal and add another gaypal account.

    That's works for me
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    You can use your own info on a merchant account - your account bypasses the paypal requirement to sell depending on the category.

    Since it is a pre 11/07 account, then you can have a merchant account in your name because the merchant does not share your info to ebay and you dont need to fax to use a merchant either since it is pre 11/07

    Be careful to not use the merchant accounts from the ebay merchant list cause they may share your personal info.

    I think e-onlinedata com is good for not sharing your info.