How the BIG BOYS make money - view from 30,000 feet high

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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    Not sure if my post got deleted or just did not post, so I will try this one more time.

    I thought this statement was worthy of a thread in itself. I am finding this out as well.

    The thing *I think* with churn and burn (the precursor to rank and bank) is in the numbers. Building out 1 website will not get you much - how many of us build websites that get 100,000 visitors monthly? Very few and not me. So I now build out, and focus on, networks of websites. This is called scaling and it isn't easy to do by oneself, I have a couple of VA's helping me.

    My main thoughts are 1) traffic location (country) 2) male / female 3) rich/middle class / poor 4) kids or not 5) married or not. This covers a small percentage of the people out there. Want to really get serious? Try targetting by 1) new house payment within the last 3 months 2) income between x and y monthly 3) children between x and y years old 4) otherStuffYouWouldNotBelieve.

    The big boys buy their leads from the credit bureuas like in the precending paragraph. Then they physically mail out some 1,000,000 mailers over a period of, say, 5 weeks (20,000 per week), and convert from there. The cost is around $8K for the leads alone, you can figure out for yourself how much postage is used, and the bank is serious money.

    Just saying...