How success came overnight... and then the whole thing didn't work... :D

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    I started reading here on BHW in december 2011 and tried lots of different money making ideas including, but not limited to: Fiverr Arbitrage, Youtube and CPA, Niche Websites and so on.

    But nothing really worked out... until today... the strangest thing ever happened: someone bought a fiverr gig of mine ;) I made that gig yesterday because I was bored - I was selling a 900k AA Trackbacklist for Scrapebox - and now I got my first four dollars. Finally something gave me a little money... So I decided to finally do a final push on another method I discovered some days ago:

    Reselling software keys. The whole thing didn't work out because I just could'nt find the right place to sell them. But today was a good day (Fiverr money, you know) so I made an entry on the German version of ebay classifieds, selling Adobe Photoshop CS 5 keys for 250€.

    Simple maths:
    Buy them for $60 (=48€)
    Sell them for 250€
    Keep the 202€ ($256)

    Also I made a post on my real facebook account selling one key to any friend for 150€.

    I couldn't believe what happened then: A local photographer called me a few hours later and was really interested... unfortunately this is Germany, where everything has to be bulletproof all time, so he asked for everything I couldn't provide: A box, a DVD, a licence, a tax number and so on.

    I was honest to him where I buy those keys etc. and so we decided that it was best if we don't do any business. Now I don't have my 200€ and he has to pay 1000€ for the software.

    I mean i even stated in my entry that I would personally bring the key and help with the software installation, so he had the chance to see that everything is fine before giving me the money.

    But anyways I'm now moving on to find other places to sell my keys and maybe don't get 200€ for one sale, but at least 20 or 30...

    "Always pushing, always searching, always crossing the line
    try to hold me back - I'll swing the hammer of inner strength" :)