How STUPID People can be? If you dont know, READ :) ...

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    So, i just browse a little my microworkers account, and i found something interesting, decided to share with you guys...
    This is not something Exceptional, every day people are trying to make money, using all available tools and ways, but Common, a Little Brain is needed, or DO NOT TOUCH :)

    See his campaign description here:

    What is expected from Workers?
    1. Go to

    2. Fill first name and email and click join, you will redirect to next page
    3. Fill the form and click submit and continue
    4. Verify your email
    5. Sign in


    Required proof that task was finished?
    - Email address used to Sign up
    - Your IP address -
    - URL of page after Login

    The Guy is From INDIA, India Rocks :))))

    Here is some info about Campaign:
    Completed Form (9 fields) $4.50/lead MaxBounty :)


    Im tired to see, almost every day here, questions about How to get Adsense if you are from India... With this type of activity, Indian Users will be Banned from 99% of Reputable Companies...

    P.S. Why people think that in USA live only Idiots ? :) its still a secret for me :) Anyway, India is first on this list...
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