How should I make MORE money?


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Jan 30, 2009
I have a PR3 website with 5000 UV/day (niche = fun & entertainment). All the traffic comes from a non-english european country. I use Google Adsense & this makes me about $20/day.

I want to make MORE :)

Any suggestions on how to further monetize it?
Offer banner advertising on your website or sign up with places such as adengage, adbrite, blacklabelads, etc. because then you can make money from people who want to have their banners on your site.
TBH, when i see your title, the best way to make more money, is gtfo of this forum and start getting more money. LOL

But, relating to your topic, I think it would be pretty good to make your a video about your certain niche and post it on youtube, so that you can even get more views :). Good luck and Happy Earnings :)
It depends on the kind of site you have. If it's a niche site, you could try the build a list/promote your content/sell your product model. Alternatively, you could look for CPA offers that appeal to the interests of your visitors. Again, it depends on the kind of site you have. Good luck :)
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U could offer some sort of email status upadate of your side or something and then use the opt in emails to promote products out of your entertainment niche
I agree with weberster, a list could really help out.

A list with an autoresponder to cpa offers would even better still.

Or you could make some video content to your site and block access for email submits.

Or you could make some kind of ebook/report of your niche and really clean house.
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