How should I build content around my blog?

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    Hi guys whats going on..

    I hope you can help me on the right direction. Currently I am building a blog with music news from different artists from the hip hop entertainment scene. I have 2 main keyword phrases where I want to rank for in G. I was just wondering how I should build content around these 2 keyword phrases since the daily articles that I will write will be articles of artists and not the main keyword phrases in particular. Or isn't it necessary to write content around the 2 main keyword phrases and I should keep writing around the subjects of my daily news of artists and just build links with the 2 main keyword phrases?

    Note that this is not a money site, I just want to build a quality blog with lots of visitors as I want to be one of the news sources in the hip hop entertainment scene.

    Thanks for now and I hope some people can advice me what to do.