How search engines look like thousands of visits same ip ?

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    Hi to all,

    Imagine you work in a company you are like 1,000 people looking pages of your favourite caompany so all 1,000 people look the page with the same ip, thrue.

    How search engine see it ? good bad

    can be the same all people from a cyber look same pages with exemple 50 computers (look like spam or good ) always use the same ip and never use meta refresh.

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    In these cases, there is not just a single IP but many. And the traffic may get redirected through a network proxy so that all activity is logged.
    Thus, these proxies set a hostname for the IP to resolve back. And I guess that this helps Google decide whether it is a spam crawler or many users. Web proxies (PHP/CGI) can be hosted on the same server with hundreds more of them. And people using them visit Google to search, so Google see it as thousands of requests from the same IP address.

    Also, the queries don't have to look automated. You can't always look for the same patterns nor request bery similar queries within little delay between requests. Else the traffic will look automated.

    I guess Useragent/Language headers also matter.

    Regards :)
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    Why would it matter anyway? If the people go directly to the website of their favorite company then the search engines won't know about it. If they go through the search results then the search engine will store the information in its database. This information plays either no role or a very minor role in the algorithms used by the search engines for pagerank and search rankings, so they are not going to be too concerned about it. It's a different situation if people go to the website by clicking on sponsored ad listings, because then the clicks from the same IP address (or even the same block of IP addresses) will raise red flags. Another situation where it would matter is if you hit the search engine with too many automated queries from the IP, but it sounds like you are talking about something different.
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