how safe is a x rumer blast

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    Hey hey - I got my white hat site - on teh 33 rd google serps -
    with quotes my kw has 13 million competition - so im very close - and the global monthly searches are at 500k >
    so as you can see i want to rank - alot -

    ive tried quite a few things like .edu links etc

    now im ready to do an x rumer blast - with out a doorway -

    the way I see it or have read it - the snadbox from G isnt actually something they or the algorithm does - it doesnt just put your site in a sandbox so to speak -what can happen is it does th google dance and goes back and forth -

    for a fact they cannot know where the links are from - ie xrumer - most know this -

    the way I see it all my traffic comes from other sources - at the minute very little form any searches - so I have nothing to lose

    what would you guys advise ?

    I really appreciate your input - : D