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May 19, 2009
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I was thinking of a site that would enable online marketers to search out other online marketers by what part of the world they are in, to enable them to be able to make networks and have resources in their state/country/or whatever part of the world they want to branch in. We would have a map of some sorts with the number of members in whatever location, and also have the lists of members and contact information, ie im's etc.... This would be a free service, but you would have to be a member to be able to find the information.... That way, we can control harassment, etc, by being given full rights to delete members causing trouble for others.

If you think this is a good idea, let us know, or if you have any suggestions on additions, also, just post on here, tell us what you think and if you would want to be part of it.
I would definitely help you with this project,you can find me on vent of course :)
Yeah, and oh btw, this wasn't originally our idea, we put a spin on it, but a guy on vent came up with it... And he knows that we are using it... :D
Yes this is a great idea if you get enough people. It's alright for people in the USA, but outside we seem to be a bit neglected.

Meetup202 has this but my country (Australia) isn't even listed.
we plan a worldwide map and leaving no one out so we can network better.
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