How my lack of wordpress skills and blog design is helping my affiliate marketing

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    Hey guys, I've been dabbling in affiliate marketing for probably about 7 years. I'll be honest through being busy and lazy I've always kind of neglected really learning wordpress well. I got started using Blogger and just stuck with it because I'm familiar with it. I realize the downsides I don't own the platform, there's not as many plugins, doesn't look as professional.

    That said I've noticed that many people seem to tune out or be turned off to very finely tuned affiliate marketing sites. Granted they probably look 10x as professional as my site however I think people these days are pretty quick to spot fake reviews or affiliate sites.

    For example, if I see a site promoting a brand of diapers and it's very polished and telling me its the best diaper to me it shouts wow this is one of 100 other amazon affiliate sites that want me to buy huggies so they can make their 6% commission. Then I may run into a less polished site, we'll use the mommy blogger example and it looks like a blogger site built by a mom who's not a professional affiliate marketer just kind of a hobby blogger running some ads. To me as a consumer that seems more authentic and I dont quite see the motive of just affiliate marketing, I actually believe they like the product.

    Anyhow, some may agree or disagree with me but I've gotten a lot of comments from people they find my blogs and stuff very authentic, possibly due to style of writing and stuff but I think in large part due to the as stupid as it sounds lack of professionalism in my blogs.

    I know not everyone is as saavy as black hatters but honestly as a conusmer I hate landing pages, get totally turned off as soon as I see them so I think there is something to be said about this strategy. This wasn't really a planned strategy so much as something I just happenned to see working for me.

    Just want to add one more bit of commentary for any newbies to affiliate marketing. We all have different skill sets so don't feel like you have to replicate someone else's method, there's really no one way to do affiliate marketing. I used to get overwhelmed seeing people with all these landing pages and free products, etc, etc, etc. I thought I just don't have the web design or design skills to do all that and almost got turned off to the whole thing. That said I have other things I have strengths in such as youtube video creation, I'm pretty good on twitter, blogging, etc. I was able to use my skills and finally figured out what worked for me and am doing pretty good numbers with ali express, amazon, terapeak, and some jvzoo programs.

    My point is take tips from others and learn roughly what other people are doing but don't feel as if you have to follow someone else's blueprint, use your own skill sets and things you know to do your thing. This is comming from someone who struggled for years at things like clickbank without ever getting a single sale, yet when I got started with ali express and found a new method i made $800 my first month and have been consistantly doing $500 every month since and its really just using my own strategies.
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    Thank you for your share, mate.
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    I'm pretty new to all of this...and have lurked here for a while. I'm working a satisfactory state job in Texas, and just want to make some extra money on the side. We get paid once a month. I at least need beer money.

    I'm trying out blogging and affiliate marketing as well...and I'm also using blogger. I tried wordpress and didn't care for it. What I wanted for now was something simple. I'm using something else too but I'll get to that later as they're an IM company and I don't want to promote their things unless I'm getting paid. I found today that I cannot use adsense on either blog. I thought the six month wait was for the third world, but maybe not. I decided to sign my first blog up for infolinks. It's also my affiliate marketing blog. So far I'm just using Amazon, but I did sign up for one from Bodybuilding as well. I planned to have either a page or a whole site dedicated to weight loss and supplements. I'm already reconsidering one of the posts I made...but I posted a review of an item I got for Christmas...added an aff link, and flat out told the reader "hey, this is an affiliate link, Amazon is beating best buy, I'd appreciate if you'd shop through my page" at the end. I'm thinking being honest is best for now. I can review tons of electronics and games..and it seems I can get an amazon affiliate link for ANYTHING. My domain is fairly generic, so even though it's not a "niche", hopefully I can get a bunch of different readers. I have a lot of different interests to go with it. Seems easier than running fifteen blogs.

    I took my other one and used some RSS email features from Fox and Huff Po and made a news autoblog just because. Anything that hits my secret blogger email will post automatically. I'll have to keep an eye on it for spa,.

    Now...are you using ads on your blogger? Any trouble getting adsense going? I bought my own domain names for mine...did you do that as well? I found several other ad companies that seem to work with blogger. I dunno how good they are yet, but I'm going to try them and expand in my own thread.
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    Awesome post mate!