How much would YOU pay for a professional logo?

my opinion is to go with logo contest, i was dissapointed with some designers before, with contest you can choose between 25+ entries, but the cost is 150$ or more
If it were a really good logo that I loved, I would be willing to pay more for it. I would say anywhere from $25 to $50. But only if it is what I truly desire.
I agree with this one.. i am designer too but fiverr designer always come with some crap desgin, free logo templates etc..

Not true, Few designers still create meaning full logos for $5! View samples carefully and you can understand
I like the $30 premade logo option some sites like graphicriver have. Rather than come up with a name and design a logo around it, I would choose a logo and and design the name of the company around it, instead.
Well this depends on the company and type of the logo. People pay thousand and some use the immature logo designs for their projects and businesses.
If you are in the health niche then you should look at high authority sites in your niche only. Get a logo of a similar style. That will be your best bet. Design a rough logo yourself and then get it redesigned based on your sketch. Just because a logo is extremely attractive, it doesn?t mean it?s the right logo for you. Logos needs to be memorable and easy. Drafting the copy yourself in a rough draft and then getting it redesigned professionally, will help you get the best logo. Not to mention its very cost effective.
Fiverr is usually my favorite place for freelance stuff like that. I use fiverr for tons of things like logos, copy, likes, etc. Most of the time, those guys are recent college graduates or people still in college looking to pay for their lunch. They usually do pretty well at it too and since the service is so cheap, if they are good, they get tons of business and therefore tons of practice. Just look around at peoples samples and find one you like. That is usually their style of design. In general though, dont pay more than that.

Also I should note, youtube is a great place to learn more about graphic design.
Depends on the budget but if I had $1000 to start an online business, then up to $100 as logo's are a major part of your identity and presence online. You can't look past them.

I would pay upto $500 for professional design. But it varies according to my business.

Agreed. It's funny that people are saying $5, $50, etc...
A logo can literally make or break your business online. Without a quality logo, how can you expect to build a lasting presence on the web? I mean, coca-cola has trademarked the look of the bubbles on their cans for a reason - because image sells.

#1 rule in successful Internet marketing, awareness and brand recognition will outside rank position 1,000 times over

i'd pay $200-$500 for a non copyright logo, $500 - $2,000 for a copyrightable logo. This is of course defendant upon the artist's quality.
I've tried a lot of different sources, paying from $25 - $200. It's all been kind of hit & miss. Your best bet is working with offline businesses within say, a 2 hour radius of where you live. Easier to rank and can charge higher rates $250-$500 would not be unreasonable.
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