How much to sell site + product rights for?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by DustinX, May 24, 2010.

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    Hey guys:)

    So I'm in the process of developing a fat burning/plan/system ebook. When I'm finished, and the sale letter is done and the site yada yada, I'm thinking about just selling it.

    The site would be made clickbank ready with an affiliate area and all the necessary things clickbank requires.

    My question is, let's say I plan on pricing the product around 97$ and have a kick ass sales letter - How much should I sell the site + complete rights to my ebook for?

    I mean, if the person sold just 50 of the ebooks, it would end up somewhere around 5 grand. I'm trying to take that into consideration when thinking about how much I should sell this package for. I am wondering how much to start the site off for on Flippa, and how much to set the BIN at.

    It would be perfect for someone who has always wanted their own product, etc. I am really confident about the product I'm making and I really think someone could have a LOT of success by recruiting affiliates via clickbank and the likes. Thing is I need the money soon so I don't really feel like building up a lot of affiliates and waiting around for clickbank checks, etc.. I don't think I have the means to make the product take off via clickbank either, like some other affiliate marketers would.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Can't really value based on your description.

    Somewhere in the region of $500 though.