How much money you have made so Far because of BHW? No lies


Sep 22, 2023
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Hey this is going to be the most controversial question! I'm asking all the Members Premium, Junior VIP, Market Place Seller.
How much you have made so far?
I think nobody would willingly tell the exact amount, but I can say that BHW helped me a lot by giving some insights. I was also Jr.VIP at some point to pay back, but I didn't use it fully, so I don't need it at the moment.
And a lot of us are not here to make money from BHW, just leaching freebies and get the vibe out there.
That's true, least effort is to rent out the signature space - still no loss

thankfully thats where the 1% moral compass people come in.
even though im now retired - i still get around 7k a year just on my sig

but - in 15 years ive been offered hundreds of free tools for favorable reviews.
and i always declined . because if i cant use it or have a use for it,
i wont take it just for a freebie. no no no. Neither a borrower or a lender be
Directly through the marketplace i have made $XXX,000.

Indirectly, including JV's, HAF etc i have made $X,XXX,000.

I have never launched a bst that did not turn a profit.

But what is important is you understand BHW is just a traffic source, no different from google, fb etc. You need to find a product or sevice that fits and then understand how to convert that traffic to sales.
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