How much is a backlink worth?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by benmarvin, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I run a whitehat niche blog with around 1000-2000 visitors a day. Not much, but it's rather new. I was contacted by and advertiser looking for me to link to their site in a few posts. I'm still a little new to the game and wondering what something like this is worth. I've never sold advertising before and I don't want to get burned. Also, the advertiser has no idea what kind of traffic I'm getting and didn't ask, just wanted me to name a price.
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    I've never sold links, I've always done link trades so I couldn't tell you. Hell, ask for $500 a month, see if they bite.
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    What is your page rank
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    You might wanna check out Digital Point to see what people charge there...
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    Disclaimer: Not all who make a link-buying query will actually buy, no matter how you spin it.

    It varies. A lot of it depends on how knowledgeable (and how wealthy) the customer is! I've sold permalinks for $5 at PayPerPost. I've also RENTED links out for about $42/month!

    Knowing the mindset of the buyer is important for this. Is it someone who doesn't care what Google thinks about link buying? Then they're not going to pay a lot. They'll probably just go to PayPerPost and pay a couple of bucks each.

    But if it's some whitehat who thinks buying a link is a bad, bad thing, that's where you rake it in. Those people have the mindset that they'd have to pay a lot of money in order to "get away" with THAT. They're looking for sites that give no clue that links are for sale there. To them it's almost like paying the mafia for a fix. Plus knowing whitehats, they probably even feel guilty. So you can charge a lot more and basically milk it.

    Also, if it's someone with access to the budget of a large corporation, they don't blink when you tell them it'll be $500/quarter for 4 links on 2 sites that get no traffic. But even these don't last forever. My link-tenant eventually found PayPerPost, decided that was fine after all, and my great deal went *poof* without so much as a goodbye. They just stopped renewing.

    What I did for the $42/mo was go to Text Link Brokers and look up what it'd cost to rent a link on a page with the same PageRank as mine was. Then I knocked off a few bucks as a "volume discount." That worked. I figured the buyer'd certainly seen TLB (Text Link Brokers) and think he was getting a deal, whereas I was still making more than I would have if I'd had to give TLB a cut.

    Read up on the whitehat SEO boards and see what line of Cutts' Crap they're believing at the time. If your blog would be a desirable location according to that, charge accordingly. When I charged the $42, home page links on old content sites with decent PageRank were all the rage. Never mind if the content site hadn't been updated in 5 years and got all of 10 hits/mo. Old + content + PageRank was all they cared about.

    Pay attention to your PageRank when selling links. Often, prices are based on that. If he wants new posts made, then go by your front page's PR. If he wants to get onto old posts, look at the PR of those pages. Charge more to get onto old posts that Google already knows about.

    Again, your mileage may vary.
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    It really depends on a lot of factors. The niche, the sites Pagerank, the quality of traffic, the CTR on the said link, the reputation of the site, the growth curve the site is currently on and more.
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    It's no different than a banner ad. Check out your competition and see what they are charging, and then undercut them

    By the way, I'm giving away PR5-PR9 backlinks as part of my blog subscription ;)
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    depends on your PR really

    And the PR off your links page

    I had reems of people asking me to sell links of my pages even when the links page just reaches PR3...

    You dont need to go looking they will find you... but you could add a nice section on your ref links page 200 bucks per featured link per year, and limit the number to about 10...

    then make sure you have enough external links pointing back in so you dont loose juice, when your PR is up, increase the peace and charge more or let more in...

    why play the reciprocal game if you already got PR, no need really