How much do I need to anonymyse for using bitcoin if only buying domains

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by PineappleCrush, Jun 6, 2016.

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    I just want to setup bitcoin so I can buy domains and hosting and such anonymously to avoid any complaints like cease and desist etc.

    More of a peace of mind measure than that I am doing anything that is different from thousands of others that will rile anyone in particular..

    So as such how much anonymyty would be sufficient? One proxy? proxychains? tor? all of the above?

    Also do I need to be anonymysed absoutely 100% of the time without fail? I mean if I forgot once does that mean your whole account history is exposed forever on the internet at large?
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    You could try one of these things?

    Unsure on the legal side of using them or even the trustworthiness of them, just found after a bit of searching. Must be others or reviews on such services. +Proxy/VPN/Virtual Box/Wearing Gloves or whatever helps you feel more secure.
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    Seems like an overkill if you just want to stay anonymous while purchasing domains... It's unlikely that your registrar would expose your IP adress, it's even less likely that your ISP would follow up and disclose your personal information just given an IP adress. Any attorney looking to send you any bullshit letters would have to go through hell before he reaches you, except if you are doing something extremely fucked up.

    If you want to stay somewhat secure without going full Hollywood Hacker mode, buy a Public VPN (more traffic to sniff = harder to get you), there are many services that promise nondisclosure, TorrentFreak compiles a list of such VPN providers now and then, here is the latest:

    Then use private domain registration (not sure what the correct term is), just so your name real or fake doesn't appear on WHOIS lookups. Buy hosting or a machine for hosting from someone other than your registrar. It depends on what kind of project you have, but if you need a server, I know that Hetzner usually don't give two fucks about answering any legal mail, they just forward it to you.

    There you have a good setup.
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