How much cost to ranking my keywords to top 3 from 18

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    I checked my keywords, the main is on 18, others within top 10 page on, i want to buy seo service, but do not know ranking the main keywords could cost how much, how long time? does anyone give me a advice?

    my site is, main keywords is car camera
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    Competition is not that fierce. I guess you need to spend around 80 to 100 bucks a month if you go for service on BHW. The thing which matters here is constant backlinking on daily basis and getting high quality links. So spend some on paid links if you can by doing guest posts on related blogs and ofcourse some web 2.0s
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    Hire me for $100/month.. I hope it will be come within 1-3 month

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    PM sent check your inbox please
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