How much can you make? Looking for KPIs

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    Aug 30, 2016
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    I own an niche blog with an adult theme ( Its about sex adventures in virtual worlds). I recently joined an affiliate programm of another virtual sex chat game. However I have no idea, how to calculate KPIs in this niche.

    Hence the questions:

    How much traffic do you need to get conversions?
    Does anybody have examples or experience about how much money can you make in such a niche?
    Any examples fot typicall KPTs? (i.e: xxxx Page views, gets xxx CTR , turning into xx sales?)

    I don't need exact numbers, just to get a feel for it.

    My blog as about 200 to 300 uniques a day, most of it organic from Google under "second Life sex" related keywords (about 600 top 3 positions). I am starting now to produce content and seo for some less "nichy" keywords with more search volume.

    How hard do you recon is it to get to top 5 under "online sex games" when you are already number 1 under second life sex?

    Any feed back appreciated.

    Not sure if I am allowed to post the link here