How much can I get for a number 3 on page 1 in google

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    Feb 11, 2010
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    I wanted to sell the following domain names.So i wanted to know what you think of them, and how much i could get.

    what the domain name means?
    MOVIZdb = movies database.

    According to google keywords tool,
    the keyword 'movizdb' has 301,000 monthly searches!

    Why so many searches?
    It seems there is a famous website with the same domain name at '.com'

    And what about alexa?
    Best alexa ranking for was 300k something is ranked number 3 on page 1 at
    for was 400k something.

    What was this site about? was a movie website was used WITH to rename links..
    both domain names are 2 year old +

    SO how much do you think i can get for these?