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How much are you paying per opt in?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by IM Legend, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. IM Legend


    Dec 17, 2016
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    Whomever can provide the most useful information will be provided with a $50 reward.

    1. Are you using PPC, Solo Ads, SMM, or perhaps another method of driving traffic to your squeeze page? How much are you paying?

    Describe your method, don't worry about creating competition, this thread will fade WAY before it has the chance to affect your conversions.

    2. What is your preferred way to incentive-ize your list?

    3. Are you using single or double opt in?

    4. What other subscriber based methods do you use to supplement your lists?

    5. What is your advice to any inexperienced email marketers reading this?

    Maybe you have great squeeze conversions resulting in a lot of opt ins but you can't convert..
    Feel free to PM me and our EM group will take a look at your campaigns to see what advice we can offer.

    Here are my answers:

    1. I am actually using CPM. (I know, you wouldn't expect it for just a typical opt-in page, but I'm getting very targeted lists and paying about $0.40 per)

    2. I use bullet-ed lists and offer 4 or 5 different reasons why they should opt-in. This way my list is well leveraged. I use eBooks, insider information related to the niche, other digital products.

    3. I use single because people don't want to be hassled beyond giving you their contact info when most of them know you're going to market to them no matter what you say.

    4. Facebook groups, Twitter, G+, blog notifications, and SMS alerts. This brings my cost-per-opt-in down even further.

    5. You have to really choose good products. Make sure you critique them harshly, check stats, and ask for proof. (If a certain product doesn't have any affiliate tools such as quality banners etc etc then it's almost a safe bet they aren't converting too well.)

    I don't know if this thread will end up helping anyone and I know you guys hate organizing and giving out information, but I hope a select few will try to contribute.