How much and how to charge?

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    I've been working on my Wordspress site for a few weeks now and I reached the 5 spot in google for my main keyword( i'll be developing more keywords soon).
    This keyword has 2,200 exact monthly searches.
    I'm not going to tell you the exact keyword but it is something like "North Toronto Restaurants", my keyword is also about restaurants.
    I'll be offering 125x125 banner ads to be placed at the header of my site.
    My questions are:
    1) How much should I charge ? (4 ads in total available)
    What I think is:
    2,200 monthly searches = around 500 super targeted visitors to my site monthly.
    Say that only 100 are going to click on my targeted ads it is 25 clicks on each ad. say that from these 25 super targeted clicks, only 15 people will actually visit the restaurant. an average meal costs $20 in my opinion so 15*20=$300 profit. Also, people rarely go to restaurants by themselves so then they might bring at least one partner with them, $300*2= $600 profit, say that the restaurant owner only makes 50% net profit for mills served, that is $300 in poor profit.
    In my calculations I use the MINIMUM number of people.
    I think of charging something like 80-100 dollars.
    2) How should I charge? Paypal, cheque, bank ?? I have no idea....
    Also, I think of emailing restaurant owners/managers with some explanations and my phone number for further info.

    What do you guys say?
    Sorry if it is not the right place....
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    Sur le Web !

    if you are just starting out - 100$/year is not bad at all :p
    you can definitely jack up your prices once you have a lot of interested buyers.

    what i found from my personal experience is that I didn really get a lot of response lol
    ended up hosting the site for a year and then let go of it :p i got it to rank 1 for a lot of relevant keywords as well. may be i chose the wrong industry..

    however unless you get your hands dirty ( sending them emails ) you will never know how things are..

    also mention towards the end .. i have an offer for $ xxx from a competitor let me know what your offer is ..

    also include a snapshot of analytics or the server stats(Visitors) if you actually have visitors on your site. it does show that you are more legit!
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    My advice won't be too scientific...and you don't have to do it the way I'm saying to be successful at all. I guaranteeeeee people make way more on ads than I do; I've never been good or comfortable selling ad blocks, but I figure I'll change soon.

    The way I've done it was to charge 1/10th the unique monthly traffic (per ad block). So, if I was getting 500 uniques, I'd charge $50 monthly for a 125x125. Depending on your site PR you can add $10 per PR# or increase the $50 by a multiplier.

    Charge with paypal, authorize, or moneybookers. You can also ask for moneyorders or straight ca$h if you don't trust some people with their paypal (international paypal can be a nightmare...not because of the people, but the institutions you have to deal with).
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