How many views in a hour are safe?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by albaniax, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I'm pretty sure, that YouTube also freezes videos, because of unnaturally, and dramatically increasing of views on a brand-new video.

    But who knows, how many views in a hour safe are? I'm not talking about Proxy views, Real views which look at least a few seconds on your video.

    I need to get as many as possible, otherwise with only about 200 views an hour, 4800 a day, It needs to be spreaded over different videos.

    Spreaded over about 10 videos, you can get then with 200 views a hour, about 50k a day...that's anyway not bad. And you have the positive fact, that you can create 10 different keyword optimized videos, and see which one works best.
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    Youtube is not exactly my specialty, and others' estimations will be more accurate, but I'll tell you something important - it depends on luck.

    A firend of mine (amateur cinematologist), that I introduced to tube increaser, has been succefully using it to get 2 - 3 thousand wiews per hour for multiple videos. He did, however, have a rather aged and 'connected' (groups, friends, everything) account.

    I also have seen people get banned for several hundred (300 - 400) wiews in the first hour.

    I had managed to raise the wiewcount of a new video to over 7000 in 2 hours (this was over a month ago), but there were over 3000 real visitors (paid traffic) mixedd in as well (bringing the total to nearly 11 thousand), who actually commented a bit and gave actual ratings (most 5s, a few 4s and 3s).

    As long as you rotate the proxies a bit from time to time, you should be okay.

    Good luck, hope this was helpful.