How Many Times Do YOU Post On Craigslist...BEFORE...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by simmonsmike7, Jun 28, 2009.

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    How Many Times Do You Post On Craigslist Before You Make Get A Sale/Lead/Etc.

    I am brand new to craigslist marketing, posted an ad today, got 1 response which was an affiliate link - so I'm wondering what it takes to make it on Craigslist.

    I know I have a great offer - its not CPA, Affiliate, or any of that... its a legit offer that I've put together for offline people.

    So the question is: how many ads before a sale/lead/etc happens?
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    Keep posting till you make one...all anyone can really tell you. If you post 100 ads and get nothing..then it's back to the CL ad copy drawing board.
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    maybe posting on CL isnt for you.
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    It totally depends on your offer.
    To say "how many" is too broad since campaigns, offers and clever ADs can vary.

    Look at a thread like RichUser's where he can make $500 from posting 5 ADs.
    Is his offer stronger then yours? Likely... but you get the concept.

    So... to actually offer somewhat helpful advice; I would say that a "decent" campaign should convert within at least 10 ADs being posted. This again depends on the ADs as sometimes 10 posts can yield 5 or 500 email responses. Also the payout for your offer is important. If your making $2 for a submit then you'll need to convert much better. A $40 payout is a different story.

    You can look at your CTR or earning ratio and whatnot but if your sending out 150 emails and not getting a sale... it's not likely going to work out. Rethink your AD, your response or your campaign.

    If your making acceptable money at the end of the day... you know you've got something ;)

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