how many tiers are safe for link building?

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    how many tiers are safe for link building? here is what I plan to do:

    1) money site;
    2) web2.0 properties, about 10 of them, add fresh content each week, each post has 1 or 2 links pointing to different pages on 1);
    3) spin articles, pointing to 2) and 1) in resource box; each article distribute to 200-300 sites, with scheduled time, usually 2-3 days per 50 or 100 article sites;
    4) several hundreds profile links pointing to 2) only.
    5) many profile links pointing to 4) only.

    now, I plan to add blog links pointing to 5).

    since 3) is separated, so, total is 4 tiers for now, blog comments is the 5th. is this safe? any suggestions? will this work?