How Many Runs With AMR Before Creating New Accounts?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoperson, May 21, 2011.

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    I'm still kinda new to AMR, and was wondering a couple of things:

    How often should I make new accounts when using AMR? So far I have gone a month on the same account, submitting one article each day. It seems as though I am getting less and less live links. And I have been submitting a new, highly spun, high quality article each day.

    Since the directories seem to come and go on their own, almost as if AMR has a mind of its own, does this mean I should create new accounts more often?

    Also, and equally important question that hopefully someone can answer:

    Does each and every article title have to be unique with AMR? Will the article directories reject an article that has a title that has already been used by someone else? Or do you just have to make sure each article title is unique for that ONE account that you are using over and over?

    Thanks a ton for any info (I tried to join the AMR forums but had no luck - I never got an email confirmation)
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    I use 2 accounts for AMR submissions. I alternate one with another for every new article submission. It doesn't matter if the content is unique or not. You can make it unique by spinning it good with AMR inner spinner or if you own TBS much better for you. I prefere to spin it using TBS and then copy paste spuned version into AMR.
    The secret to gain more live links is to add as many tags as you can, even if they are not related to your article subject. There are many AA directories and as many categories as you put less missmatch category you will receive.
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    I have been facing the same problem with AMR too, but I have been using just one profile for ten days. I prefer TBS to AMR for the spinning part, as it has a much wider resource of synonyms. Personally, I just get 300-500 live links per blast and I am fine with that count, as it works better without creating fears of a sandbox.
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    I've switched to a system of creating a new account every 25-30 articles. That's eventually thousands of links indexed, but I already have so many author names that I'm not too concerned about a footprint.

    I use spinner chief. Sometimes I might use the AMR spinner for a stray word here or there that I add or missed. I always spin articles to at least over 60%.
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    I submit about 10 articles which each account, before disposing it and creating a new one. That way you're less likely to get banned from directories, and it leaves less of a footprint if you're linking to multiple sites.

    Spinning your articles is essential. I use TheBestSpinner, but SpinnerChief is a free alternative.