How many private proxies needed for scrapebox activities?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ghoast, Nov 28, 2012.

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    I've just finished the ultimate scrapebox advantage guide - great read and I really recommend to anyone who uses scrapebox as it gives you so many tips and footprints you can use.

    The only thing this guide doesn't go into in detail is the proxies part - it says private proxies are the best for serious scraping (as I would have imagined) however it doesn't say how many you should get for maximum efficiency with the program..

    I know it's all relative to how much scraping you're going to be doing. Let's say I want to scrape a few lists of blogs every day, maybe 3-5 lists of around 10,000 blogs per day..

    How many private proxies do you buy for your scrapebox efforts and how many do you think are necessary..? I normally use HMA for my proxy needs which is why I'm not too certain on this question..

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    I just using public proxy from my proxy provider, 200-300 working public proxy, slow-fast just enough to scrape more than 100k site in 1 hour, im using 70-80 max connection with 100mb speed vps.
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    Don't use private proxies for harvesting. Use public ones instead. For posting purposes, you will need at least 10 private proxies. Also you can look in to some semi-dedicated ones if you wish.
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