How many PPV you get on your Niche sites ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by svr231, Dec 7, 2011.

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    As the Title says How many page per views (PPV) you get on your Niche sites ?
    I don't have much experience with micro niches but i have 1 niche site on acne related topic targeting two keywords both about 1900 exact US search.
    I have been able to hit top 5 position in 2 months.

    It is a very targeted niche with only two main keywords and i am ranking in top 10 for both main keywords.I have not placed adsense till now and waiting to reach 100 visitor mark.

    But page per views on my blog is nearly 1 i.e 90% bounce rate.

    Is this common with you guys too, how much ppv you get on your website ??

    I have not done any interlinking between posts .... shll i do this in micro niches ??
    Looking to get some suggestions to improve and your views on the matter ??