How many of you outsource your local SEO?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by udt89, Aug 17, 2012.

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    So im very close to landing clients number 2 & 3. Do you guys outsource most of your seo? I saw a few seo guys selling service here, in particular i think they are called the SEO guys I believe his username is basstrackerboats. Thing is they don't report what they are doing. Just rankings.

    Will this fly with most businesses? Will they want to see exactly what is being done? I know how I would do it, creating 2.0 properties and building links to them and more high quality links direct to the client site. Which is what im doing for my current client. But I wont have the time to do it for 2-3 or more.

    Are these all in one services good to use and mark up is my question.
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    :) The client will not care how many links or even what position they are for each keyword. Frankly most businesses don't give a flying F***. They care about one thing. The bottom line. They want the phone to ring, they want more customers than they can handle, they want o be the number one go to company in their industry. When I sell SEO, and I sell a lot, i never mention rankings or KW position. All I talk about is call volume and how much each call is worth. Just think about what they really care about, and you'll be alright. :)
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