How many of you interested in Bot ?


Sep 25, 2008
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Im building this bot . How many of you interested in Bot ?

It will keep the fiesta boy active 24X7 .

This can bring in 12,000 Bar point in 13 hours(don't over run) . If you have a pay rate of 1 USD then you will earn 12USD , If you are in gold club you could make 1.66$/ 1000points that is 597$ every month .

you can earn Cashfiesta points 24/7 without having to actually be on the computer. if you have a windows server you could run it 24X7 :)
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Not to mention running on proxies as referrals. You could make limitless money.
LOL look at this website, I would care about getting payed then earning cash to the account this website look like shit !
A friend of mine told . They did scam like 2 or 3 years ago but then it changed owners and the new ones are legitimate and he personally know people who have received their checks from Cashfiesta.
for cashfiesta..... I'm still don't get my payout....,,, any one get it,
well you could use that cash for advertising if they don't ban your acc for 24/7 activity
Really, before putting in some effort, research well so that your effort is not in vain.. That's what I learned..

And yeah, I second everyone posted, big scam.
Well i've got a check from them, just one, but i cheated big time and it wasn't hard to cheat if you know anything about mysql ... Later i tried it legit and I didn't get the check. So not sure if they are still scamming now, but i would put my time in creating a bot .
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