How many networks/offers needed?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by artizhay, Jan 27, 2011.

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    I'm going to be content locking with some iframed, non-incentive e-mail submits and I need to know if this is even a good idea since there will be 0% backend conversion, or how I can somehow get backend conversion (impossible, right?).

    I currently do this with 2 networks and 8 rotating offers. Conversion is 21%.

    I will be locking something that will, most likely, produce a conversion rate higher than 21%, but let's stick with that number to be safe.

    The site gets 3500 visits per month, and 86% are new visits, so let's use that number, ~3000, because I'm only making people fill out the offer once per IP.

    So, let's assume 21% convert. That's 630 leads that will never convert on the backend. I'm hoping to split this up between 5 networks, with 6 offers per network. That's 126 leads per network, or 21 conversions per offer, per month.

    Is this safe? I know I will be scrubbed, but of course many will go through as well. Would I need more networks and/or offers?

    I was also thinking that, maybe for every 1 out of 7 conversions, I could make the iframe display the whole second page of the offer and just hope they fill it out, to help increase backend conversion.