how many keyword optimized landing pages?

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    hey there,

    I am wondering how you guys do it if you want to promote one offer with different (most of the time similar) keywords.

    I thought about making a landing page, same text (but spinned so its unique) for one for every exact match keywords/phrases that I want to target, all in my blog which also has content without affiliate offers.

    Problem is, if I have a blog, and 20 landing pages, essentially saying the same, promoting the same product, only targeting other keywords, and only 10 other non-affiliate pages, my website will look less legit to the user...

    I then was thinking: hey, I dont have to link them to my homepage so users arriving from a landing page will only see that one, while users arriving on non-affiliate pages will only see one link to the affiliate offer.

    but since I want seo to be my primary traffic source, does it not look weird to google if I have 20 pages that are not linked to from within the blog? is there a chance that google will see its "similar"... even if its umm lets say 50% unique spinned articles? google does not like landing pages, so well I fear I could get sandboxed. I should add that my blog is/should stay whitehat, I save the grey/blackhat for web 2.0 properties linking to my site.

    hm. then I thought, ok, well then, maybe it would be better to have only one landing page for one affiliate offer, use the best converting keywords for it, and instead to submit (human readable spinned articles, optimized for different keywords to article directories and link them to my landing page? (and push them up in the serps with SB?)

    how do you guys manage it to use lots of keywords for an affiliate campain?

    sorry if its a newbie question, I haven't found an answer through the forum search