How many fake views is secure to avoid getting banned?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by housemusic, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I'm using tTubeincreaser on Steroids and i would like to know how many fake views by day it would be secure to avoid getting banned. Also would like to know if using commom proxy lists that everyone uses on youtube and also use the same proxies every day if a factor to they ban me.
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    The same as hobby :-)
    Behind proxies :-)
    A friend of mine got banned at about 50,000 visits per day, so I guess the limit is somewhere between 30-50k. I'd advise a sensible approach to tube increaser use though.
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    There is no fixed number, I've seen people clear well over 100,000k, with no bans, and others getting banned between the 50k and 100k mark.

    I think there's a lot of factors involved, not just the number of views, for example, if you have 50,000 views, and they all viewed the video for exactly one second, having no referal link, leaving no comment, and no rating, and the video is not favorited by anyone, then it's not going to take a genius to work out the videos views are being increased by a bot, and you might get banned.

    On the other hand, if you have 100,000 views, and 20,000 watched the video the whole way through, and others watched differing durations of the video, and it has 50 ratings, and 30 comments, and it's been favorited a few times, it might be a little suspicious, but it could be genuine, and so probably will pass.

    Another factor is, is the video any good?

    YouTube will let a bot increased video stand, if they think it benefits 'their community', if it's original material, funny, artistic, or informative, and is likely to generate real traffic for YouTube, they'll be more inclined to let it stand.

    They want to make money, too, after all.

    But yeah, if no ones watching your video, no ones rating it, no ones commenting it, then it will soon be obvious it's a bot, and tbh you might as well give up on that video at that point yourself too, as there's no point increasing views to a video, if no one real is going to watch it.

    The point of increasing views etc., is to boost your ranking in the search results, and honors lists, etc., to heighten the profile of your video, to generate real views, which is where the money is.

    If you're not pulling the real views, then it will be obvious you're a bot, and you will earn zero $'s, and be deleted, if you are pulling the real views, then you're going to start getting real traffic to mask your increases, and you're likely not to get deleted.

    So, bottom line, it's not really about how many views you add on, it's about how 'good' your video is, and how much real traffic you get.

    Get that right, you can increase the views a lot, get that wrong, and you'll be banned.

    I tend to monitor my videos, I burst them into the rankings and searches, then start to ease back, if it converts to real traffic I just fade out the increases, as the real views grow, if it doesn't convert to real traffic, I'll give the video a second burst, and again, if it converts I'll then ease back, but if it doesn't convert, at that point, I move on to another video, because I'm wasting my time trying to boost the views of a video that no ones going to watch anyway.
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