How many Digg's to see good traffic?


Nov 7, 2008
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Just curious, how many digg's would it take to actually see some good traffic from Digg??

I've been curious about this, but nobody really has numbers...

thanks guys
isnt i pretty much just from getting on the front pages?

So at least 100+ i would imagine

"isn't i pretty much just"....

Thanks anyways, but I'd like to know if anyone has like actual statistics about it....
thanks guys
sorry forgot the t in the It!

Too Short
Well i have about 85 diggs and have only received 30 hits in the past two weeks..
depends where you want your traffic from... your digg post can get listed in the SERPS very quickly and will show up if you have little competition for your keywords... this will get you traffic from the SE's

for front page digg im not sure though...
Im not really doing digg for the traffic. My digg url that has 85 diggs shows 32 backlinks for that for some reason. :)
Depends on what subject your article is about. Business oriented pieces tend to get good traffic from other Digg users I've found, even if you don't receive many actual "Diggs" on that article. Otherwise I use Digg to just bookmark my new articles on other subjects - and if I'm targeting a keyphrase with 30,000 or less competitionin Google usually it gets me on the front page of Google.
Political, business and electronicy posts - such as iphone, ipod info get a lot of views. You really need to get about 100 diggs within one hour to potentially hit the home page and then you will see thousands of hits. Money2spare made a post about digg domination, I taught him everything he knows so read his post, try to create a number of accounts with 500+ friends - share with everyone and hope that your story gets shared by others and goes viral. I use digg more as a tool to hit the SERP's within one hour for less competitive keywords with a decent search volume - don't really see much traffic unless i get 250+ diggs & hit the homepage
Digg is all about whats hot at that moment in time. If you have a story that gets like 50 diggs in a minute, ull pop up on the front for that hour or so...

If you have an article that is interesting for a week lets say and constantly is getting 400-500 diggs per day consistently for a week, that article will stay up there all week until it starts to fall off...

HOT news and interesting stuff..
Cool, thanks everyone!!...

i've been wondering about this for a while...
I'm gonna start targeting *key phrases* and see if I can't get on 1st page of google for all of them!....

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