How Many Different C Class Ips Is A Good Amount When Making Sattelite sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Dan Da Man, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Saying you were to create a bunch of sattelite sites/wordpress blogs and you were doing seohosting, what is a good number of different C class IPS to start out with? I think the cheapest was 5 C class IPs for 35 bucks a month. Can anyone offer some good advice?
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    People go back and forth on this, there's no right answer. I've even built networks that were all on the same IP and seen a solid boost in rankings due to internal linking strategies and having a ton of domains.

    It depends on your budget, and how many sites you want to make. The more IPs the better I guess, but it's also a matter of the amount of time you want to put in because it takes longer to manage all of them etc.

    If you're not going to really build out the sites then you might as well just be doing blog comments or profile links, so it's also a matter of how much time you can dedicate to making the sites good so they pass more authority. Think of it in terms of your own resources.
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