How many bookmarks do you have?


Aug 2, 2008
hey all was just workin on some shit and realized holy bob i have a ton of bookmarks probably upwards of 200 all seo internet marketing related to. so to all you guys how many you got any interesting one. peace and have a good money makin day.
ive got loads buddy, tonnes, never counted. i guess i need to get a bookmarker to bookmark my bookmarks now
how can you tell? (damn, I just realized people use bookmarking services for reasons other than spamming : ) By the looks of it it's somewhere in the hundreds. I bleedin hate that! I'm too lazy to really go through them and read something or just save the stuff on the disk. I should do this with bhw especially, things just disappear around here. I really hate having useless stuff but too afraid to delete it. It's hell. I used to have millions of youtube bookmarks before I realized they actually delete stuff :) Spent months trying to get the original videos. Well at least I knew what they were since I didn't have them in some account that got deleted.
I have around 5000, but in chrome I got 12 this forum is one of them - use "xmarks" for firefox, it's awesome and allows you to have bookmarks at work and home! Very useful tool!
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