How many articles should I write for a Local SEO site?


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Aug 23, 2013
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How many articles (blog entries on the site) do you recommend I should write for local business SEO site?
How many words is a good amount for each article?

Thanks for your valuable input!
This is kind of a "how long's a piece of string" question. It depends on too many things.

Just keep the content natural (e.g. don't have articles like "plumber Suburb1", "plumber Suburb2", "plumber Suburb3"). Write about real issues surrounding the business' potential customers would be facing

I personally like 300-400 words as content gets a bit boring after 500

You need to always update your blog, target short tails then proceed to long tail keywords.

I post once a week to maintain the freshness of the site.
Well, it depends on your link building plan and their competitiveness.
There isn't set number.. You build until you are happy with results or hit the #1 position

As about length, there isn't set number as well.. i usually do no more than 300-400 , but recently started experimenting with using random length between 300-800 words on same site..
Three articles per week is enough i am also working on this strategy. Your content should be passed from copyscape then it will help you.
Submit fresh and unique article per week on high PR article websites is enough to boost your website.But remember that as David said your article should be passed from copyscape.
You should get Skype installed like any other IM professional, and stop asking questions that have nothing to do with Local SEO, and getting advice from people that do not know anything about Local SEO.

Been doing local SEO for over a year now

We just implemented a system in which we blog 5 days a week.

Not more then 250 words.

I found that in our time zone to blog between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM ( not sure if this is accurate but we seem to get the most traffic in the day by blogging at this time)

We only blog Monday to Friday

All articles are written by BHW memebers from the marketplace

Hope this helps
I do 3 quality article submission in a week. For article 400-450 words is enough.
It's totally depend on your link building strategy. I think you need at least 4 article's with 300 to 400 words for every weeks.
I write 4-6 500 words articles per month regarding industry topics.
variation ..... i dont got for the 300-500 like everybody does.
make it natural ... post a pic with short description, a long article next, thereafter a video ect ......

do this till you are in the position you want. its not possible to say you need xx .. blogs.
make a tier 2 as well at least.
Here is no limit, write as much as possible quality articles. Never add a vast amount of articles without quality content, it is unnecessary and will harm your reputation. Don't need to count the number of words, just finish your article. Good Luck.
It all depends on the competition

Start with eight

Once your on top one a month is plenty

Till then one a week in high competition
2 a month in low
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