How many accounts do you open in 1 IP? Just to play safe...


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Feb 26, 2013
Hello everyone!

How do you open youtube accounts in one IP?
I mean how long do you switch accounts in youtube?

Thanks in advance!
I normally have about 4 or 5... but it really depends on what you're doing with them ;)

If it's anything close to Black Hat... keep a 1:1 ratio!!
I recommend to you to use two accounts per IP, I'm having great results.
I have Dynamic IP with different modem so 1000's of high quality IP I can used
its recommended to have 0

No accounts at all? Now that's fool proof :), but to the op I transition between 2-3 on one ip, but like others have mentioned if they are being used in blackhat activities keep a 1:1 ratio
2 accounts per IP should be pretty safe, but it also depends on what activity you are having on those accounts. If they are doing the same thing over time (ie. just comment, or just rating comments) they are more likely to be suspended
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