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how make your personal doorway page script please ?

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by katyjeammers, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. katyjeammers

    katyjeammers Registered Member

    Oct 15, 2007
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    good morning,

    well the questions is simple
    how can i make a simple script making doorwaypages, i know nothing i programs, and i want to use template in html if possible.

    Sorry newbie on doorwaypages, i've try a lot (doorwaypage wizard no way to make personal template and i do not know how do it in html if possible)

    i try to http://www.page-generator.com/ (the trouble always same header and no change if you put 1 or 40 keywords or there is something i do wrong possible :D )

    thanks a lot
    for your help

    Hope can find a free program or someone helping making pages.

    thanks a lot
    for all readers and this great forum :)