How long does it talk for CJ advertisers to approve you?


Supreme Member
Aug 6, 2008
Jezz. Im trying to advertise a product iv found on 6 CJ advertisers site. Out of the 6 only 2 were immediately approved. The other 4 are still PENDING. 5 days later? WTF does it take for them to approve me? This is a little long isnt it? :(
sometimes they just dont reply be patient if they reply fine if not try another it is as simple as that, also it depends on the country you are in , also your website design , lots of things are considered so dont worry to much
The advertisers themselves have to approve you. If they take longer than 2 weeks you should probably contact them.
CJ never approves anything by my account lol. It seems they hate international affiliate =))
shit they fill the same way about u.s. affiliate. that is why i don't like commission junction the wait.
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