How long do AWS credit accounts last for you?


May 13, 2023
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There are plenty of vendors in the forum, selling AWS accounts with credits ranging from $1K up to $100K. I have purchased a few of those accounts to try to use the credits as leverage for an application for which I need a ton of AWS lambda usage.

The problem I'm having is I have had 3 of these accounts shutdown as soon as I try to request a quota increase or as soon as I begin using the credit at a moderate rate (say by having 100s of lambdas run concurrently)

The accounts get shutdown because Amazon requires that I submit documents to verify who is behind the account (utility bill, business website, etc) and of course I can't provide that info.

Anyone in here has got away really using the credits assigned to the account?
I'm in the exact same situation as you where they requested for documents and my usage was very minimal. Trying to work it out with the marketplace seller, but he seems to be either busy or not responding to my chats!
To use the entire credit you need to follow some specific rules
1. Do not ever change the acount email
2. To change the account password wait till after 72hrs
3. do not login using VPN, data center proxies, residentail proxies that are not static. There is a huge posibilty that you will end up switching to an IP that as being flaged by AWS due to activities from a previous user.

How to use 100% of the credit

once the account as being delivered
1.Login to the account and create a vps in a region close to or same country IP that was used to create the account.

2.Log out from the account and login in to the account using the new created VPS. This will make sure your IP don't change anymore and you are using AWS IP.

3. Lunch few service of any service of your interest

3. Wait for 2 to 3 days and change the account password. To secure the account 100% change the account email password and remove the alt email and phone number if found in the account, add your own alt email and phone.

5 after 6 to 7 days lunch few more service and in 2 weeks time you are free to lunch as many service as you wish

you will spend 100% of the credit provided you do not abuse aws
Even normal aws accounts are getting suspended these days
I always let the accounts age for one month at least than i start working on it
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