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How long did it take to reach your goal?

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Branjohn03, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Branjohn03

    Branjohn03 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2017
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    Hey guys! So I just started building my own website, and reading about everyone's journeys is really motivating. Right now my website is obviously new, and not making any money and not ranked at all. I know how important it is to set both short term, and long term goals but its hard for me to set a specific long term goal because Im not sure how long things usually take. So to give me some points of reference, how long did it take one of your websites to start earning $500 a month? Or $1,000? Or whatever you set your initial goal to be. I have both time and money to invest in my site, and plan on doing everything I possibly can every day to build it up little by little, using both white and black hat methods. Using social media, guest posting, I'll probably build my own 10 site PBN within the next 3-6 months after I have a solid foundation, and whatever other methods I can learn. I understand that every person and website is different, and growth rates also depend on the niche, so please no "It depends" replies. I just want to hear everyones journeys and how long it took you to start earning.