How long did it take before you autoblog started getting good traffic?


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Oct 18, 2008

I setup several autoblogs on my dedicated server. 1 domain that has been incubating for 2 years, I had the A record pointing to a forum dedicated to the niche i was targetting for about 3 months... (making a seperate thread about this later! It works wonders!)

Anyways, I switched over and installed wordpress on my server, and setup several autoblogs, and subdomains within that domain dedicated to specific niches, while the main site is more general with links off the main site pointing to the subs.

Traffic is trickling in, I get about 1-2 hits a day, the main site is getting about 50 a day, but that is mostly from socialbookmarking...

So how long did it take before you started seeing significant results from your efforts in autoblogging?
Thats a pretty open ended question.

Mine took around 20-30 days before seeing real traffic, but I would assume it depends on the quality of your autoblog's content, what plugins you are using for promotion, and how competitive you niche it.

What Wordpress plugins are you using?

Are you interlinking the sites in your blogfarm?
I have not been interlinking the subdomains to each other yet, I have only been linking to them from my main site.

The plugins I am using are as follows:
ProSense Blue (SEO optimized Theme)
caffeinated content
auto social poster 3.9 (although most of the sites are dead and arent bringing traffic and are nofollow)
and UAW

I also use all in one adsense and the Platinum SEO pack, however they are not compatible with the ProSense themes. They screw up the page titles, plus I like the adsense placement already for prosense.

Although I rely primarily on Caffeinated Content as it does everything that UAW and Videotube does.

If you want to review my site, PM me and i'll send you the link.
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I think niche makes the difference(not that easy to fine one). also how you promote. i just setup autoblog on random topics on a free host and did not do any promotion at all. just to find zero0 traffic.

i think interlinking is good strategy. also if you are using subdomain, i think chances are there that google will know that all these belong to same person and may (i m not saying it will) ban.
I think niche makes the difference(not that easy to fine one).

Its easy to find profitable niches.. I have some excellent ones...

I had one that gave me real traffic in a week's time... :p

Rest Doesnt Matter (promotion, quality of content, etc. play a little role)
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