How Long Before You See Revenue From a Campaign

Discussion in 'CPA' started by lumien, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Just curious, when you are starting a new cpa campaign, and using article marketing to get traffic, how long does it take before you start seeing traffic and conversions?

    Just to give the question some defining data, I am referring to a middle of the road keyword that isn't too competitive, but does have competition.

    I ask because I found what I believe to be a good keyword to go after, and I have submitted an article to ezinearticles. I then spun the article and am using magic article submitter to submit each spun article to around 400 directories. These spun articles are linking to my money site as well as my ezine article.

    I believe I will need to submit more "main" articles to EZA as well as to other top article directories and then submit more spun articles.

    I just started the process a few days ago, so - as I stated in the beginning, I am just looking for an average time before you see traffic and conversions (like are we talking days, weeks, or months).

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