How Kindle writers and publishers benefit from Mass advertising their links in Whatsapp

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    Now, more than every before, everyone is connected. With smart phones in an ever increasing number of hands, contacts, games, information, and more are just a few taps away. A facebook post can reach hundreds in seconds and a tweet will be seen across the globe. Companies have found ways to use these to their advantage, with fan pages and online advertising. However the one pitfall of such a method is that they are limited to those that ?follow? or ?friend? them, unless they pay sky high for advertising on the site. Some brilliant minds have found a way around this with bulk messaging software through Whatsapp. This trendy little download is fantastic in its simplicity- it spans devices and allows for messages (to a single person or to a large group) without using SMS. Unlimited pictures, videos, media, etc. Brilliantly simple.

    This app has become of great value to some companies and business owners, as they seek to reach a larger audience. No longer are they limited to the list of fans on their facebook page or retweets on Twitter. Now one can simply pay a few dollars to get a message broadcast straight to the phones of thousands via Whatsapp.

    Even better, the recipient list is tailored to the typed of audience that the sender is looking for. One can send out information to specific zipcodes to ensure that the recipients will actually be able to take advantage of the offer. This is far from the realm of dreaded sales calls.

    So who could benefit from using this bulk messaging system? Kindle e-book writers, for one. E-books have taken off in the last several years, the allure of carrying an entire library in one device quite alluring to even the most traditional readers. However with the expanding interest comes a drastic increase in the competition for e-book writers. To set themselves apart and above the rest and boost sales, they can pay just dollars to advertise their book or send a special offer on the download. The possibilities are limitless. Furthermore, most find themselves on their smart phones in their down time, downloading games like 2048 and Candy Crush to keep boredom at bay while they?re waiting in line. With Whatsapp bulk messaging, the e-book writer can capitalize on long lines and offer a diversion from the monotony of a bank queue.

    It may seem overly simple, but that?s really where the genius lies. Smart phones are practically glued to our hands in this technology-centric age. We also tend to spend quite a bit of time waiting, be it in a store or a boring lecture hall. What better solution than to reach out to an audience that you could never hope to reach through more traditional solutions and help them out in turn? The writer earns profit on their e-book and the buyer has another book to share with their friends and a temporary escape from a dreary day.

    There are a few other technical perks of working with a company that sends bulk messages via Whatsapp. For example, the company can send you a complete log of received/failed numbers so you can see how successful the batch of messages was. Honestly, even a Luddite has to appreciate the ingenuity of this marketing method.