How is the web in other languages?

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    nah. but thanks.
    Only 300,000 other people speak my native language so I never use it on the web. There's like nothing in my language on the web except personal blogs.

    And the only other language I speak is English so I'm only used to browsing in english.

    So I was wondering how is the web in other languages, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, ect. And is it the same with marketing there?

    If I searched on Google there is almost always 0 ads, with no competition I still don't even want to market to my country.

    How is it in other countries? There are some huge Russian internet marketing forums (in Russian) that I know off, some of them must be marketing in Russian and making $$$.

    Lol I'm going to hire these people to help me translate everything and somehow make money in another country.

    I don't know, or I should learn Russian. Or some other language.

    But yeah what can you use to make money in other languages?
    Clickbank? Well all that is in English. Adsense blogs, yes maybe.
    What else can you do?

    edit: wow no one seems interested in this topic.
    I would be interested in seeing what the adwords competition is in other languages.
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