How is panic over coronavirus affecting you?

Tbh im not influenced by that virus now when it comes to my dropshipping stores, i got a decrease on the first weeks but after that everything came back to the normal or maybe better.

Pro tip: target some countries that are not affected "a lot" by the virus, and go for some new products that are just trending right now, as I see, all the past winning products are not good now, u MUST go for new products if u wanna succeed as a drop-shipper in that hard situation.
I understand your feelings man because I am facing something similar. But this is something we might be seeing for the fist and hopefully the last time in our lives right? So profit and loss is part of life - make sure you take safety precautions and keep healthy. Don't lose heart- you will make much more in the coming months. Just like there are times when there is exceptional profit, we also have to consider time like this.
Just got an E-Mail from booking.
The Virus makes them close their affiliate programm by mid of April.
I think I can delete my sites :-(
Our company was down from 6 figs to 5 figs monthly, like 1/4 of how we are making last January.
Not at all. Nothing changed. I am in Thailand and relax. The only restriction I got: They closed the fucking swimming pool and gym in my apartment building. This sucks.

Dude, you spent last few weeks spreading panic left and right on the forum, saying that China is lying about the numbers, and that we are all doomed.

And now you say you are relaxed ?? Can you make up your mind please.
Dude, you spent last few weeks spreading panic left and right on the forum, saying that China is lying about the numbers, and that we are all doomed.

And now you say you are relaxed ?? Can you make up your mind please.
Dude, not sure if you noticed, but the situation is changing almost daily. What I said last month or two weeks ago is not important any more. When I made this post Thailand for example was not in a state of emergency. There were no curfews or a lock down. Restaurants and shopping malls were open. It all changed just within a couple of days.

Problem is not the virus, but the fucking consequences. People going mental. You have a little coughing or runny nose and people around you are thinking you have this virus. From official side even worse: Travel restrictions, airports closed, airlines cancel their flights etc.
I just watch the truth live India problem with the virus.

there no food getting to the poor to many are going without including new babies.

the police are wiping/hitting all Indians outside their home or found in the street or hanging around there tents.

a lot of Indians have packed up and walked to others parts of India hoping for jobs but the whole of India in the same problem

there no transport at all, or daily jobs everything has stopped/closed.

the hospital is none existent and medication was not seen.

the Indian prime minister going to help with money in it billions if true.

all countries are hit hard so no third world country are getting any aid as everyone in the same position.

there billions of ppl in India and just 1 % would be 100k lost of ppl with this illness.

as you can see the problem huge.

God bless all of India

love to you all.

me and family xxx.

no scare tactics all real.

In the USA in new york ppl dropping like flys, proven via FB live videos I sm hearing, the nurses are so frightened all there dealing in a hospital with is ppl coming in with bad breathing next 2 to 5 days there dead with intensive care.
((lockdown very soon )) God bless the USA

I am scared yes scared I am hearing a lot of deaths on tv from the UK, we are on lockdown there going to be army patrolled soon as ppl still think it ok to hang out and treat this virus as a joke. God, bless the UK.
we got food problems from stockpiling and distance rules and cleaning rules already.

x3 ppl I no dead already so yes it no joke

in Italy it has been reported that there such little ventilators that doctors are advising the elderly get the virus will die as there no help, apparently, China is going to try and help but Italy been hit very hard . god, bless Italy.
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Second Virus Shock Wave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already

Since last week, emails from foreign clients have been flooding into export manager Grace Gao’s in-box, asking to delay orders already made, putting goods ready to be shipped on hold until further notice, or asking for payment grace periods of up to two months.

Gao’s firm, Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., makes tools like hammers and axes, 60% of which go to the European market. As the virus ravages the continent from Spain to Italy, the shutdowns there are cutting off orders to Chinese factories just as they were beginning to get back on their feet. It’s a story playing out across the country.

“It’s a complete, dramatic turnaround,” lamented Gao, estimating sales in April to May will plunge as much as 40% from last year. “Last month, it was our customers who chased after us checking if we could still deliver goods as planned. Now it’s become us chasing after them asking if we should still deliver products as they ordered.”

This emerging pattern poses a grave risk to the chances the world’s second-largest economy can repair the damage from the closures in February to curb the virus. Even as policy makers including Premier Li Keqiang talk up a recovery and roll out support measures, economists continue to cut their growth forecasts.
It does not affect my work but it gives me anxiety. I feel like I am getting paranoid every time I go out. I treat like every one outside is like a zombie, lol.
Working in IT, so does not really affect me, miss going out to the gym tho :/
for my health i am not worried, but for economic condition a little bit worried
My gambling niche traffic drop by 40-50%. I feel like people stop playing for a while because this corona issues getting scary day by day.

Do you think cancelling the sports matches is the real reason for your drop, instead of scared people? Unless you're gambling on royal baby names or something. the only gambling in my office is a pool on the peak month
A big loss on bitcoin during the big dip and up until now still trying to recover.
My business took a hit, a Big one in fact. Since the lockdown in India was announced, people were assigned WFH tasks but in my niche(blackhat) it can't be done from home. People have trust issues amongst their sales guys and they can't operate without them being physically present. Since that is not happening, Nobody is buying the calls/leads generated. ALL STOPPED!
Now my target market, US and Canada out of which US seems to catch-up with the pandemic faster than anyone imagined. The numbers have sky rocketed overnight and even if the lockdown ends in India in coming 10days, looks like the US is going to be next to announce the lockdown so I'll be a sitting duck again!
The global economic crisis is already triggered with trillions of $ at stake, after all this is over, the market is going to take a hell lot of time to revive from this. People will be poor and avoid any kind of luxury buying since no one earned a dime whilst spent a lot on eating and paying utility bills.

For me, its even worse since I spent all my savings recently on my apartment, then furnished it, bought new appliances and then got married.. Nothing was left in the savings account when this pandemic was triggered. I am left with no option but to Netflix and chill.. My brain has gave up thinking and refused to devise any strategic plan to recover from all this.
i was just starting an online store when things starting tanking. bummer
I heard a few horribly placed rumors about Umbrella driving around, and abbout HIV research. Heard they were using HIV research for Corona vaccine? Two different viruses correct? Or timed perfectly together? Also China government ordering destruction of early virus findings.
Do you think cancelling the sports matches is the real reason for your drop, instead of scared people? Unless you're gambling on royal baby names or something. the only gambling in my office is a pool on the peak month

Yes because of all the sports matches cancelled.
Army is now marching down the streets, everyone is panicked, millions of people lost their jobs, it sucks so much. We pray to get this over it asap.
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